IBO PLAYER is a General Media Player and it doesn’t include any content or playlists.

IBO PLAYER doesn’t sell playlists or subscriptions.

iboiptv.com is the only official website. Any websites that use our name are fake websites


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We will active the new mac adress of your app.


fixed Mac-Adress

loading speed improved

added load EPG (if your provider provie any EPG)

Movies and series loading improved

M3u files support

flussonic panel owner should upload the Playlist as M3u

adding channels, movies, series more then 100 Favorites.

Please do not send us emails asking for channels in the application.

Please check the most frequently asked questions (FAQs).

All emails requesting free IPTV channel packets are ignored and unanswered.How they work
Upload your m3u list from your provider and connect your list with your Mac numberEnjoy now your TV experience.


Link to download apk for Android devices:

First version: iboplayer.com/tv.apk

New version: iboplayer.com/stb.apk